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We are Scott & Kat - a happily married couple who love to sit on the couch and chat about the films we've watched. Join us on the Married With Clickers podcast as we cover material from a wide range of eras and genres.
Married With Clickers: Episode 174 - The Fisher King

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you this very special episode of (Almost) Married With Clickers. We will run into some scheduling issues over the course of the summer and are very thankful that some fine friends have stepped in to pinch hit. This episode is guest hosted by as fine a couple as there is to be found in the five boroughs; our pals Emily and Branan. They tackle The Fisher King, directed by Terry Gilliam. We cannot thank them enough for putting the time and effort into helping us out and we wish them all of the best with their upcoming nuptials. We hope that everyone enjoys the show. - for more of Emily's cinematic views


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