Married With Clickers
We are Scott & Kat - a happily married couple who love to sit on the couch and chat about the films we've watched. Join us on the Married With Clickers podcast as we cover material from a wide range of eras and genres.

This week, we chat about My Name is Julia Ross, a little noir gothic noir from 1945. While we certainly don't spoil the movie (and our conversation may be annoyingly vague), you may want to go into the movie knowing as little as possible. We've provided a link to the film on YouTube below. We also discuss recent watches including Arrival, Manchester By The Sea and La La Land.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 300 - 300

We celebrate our 300th episode with a conversation about the film 300. Confusing, isn't it? We also chat about a number of recent watches including Hell or High Water, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, the BFG and Not Another Teen Movie. We also go over some lovely feedback.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 299 - The Lobster

We're back with a review of the supremely dark comedy The Lobster. Is it a match? Tune in to find out. We also chat about a bunch of Bond movies, The Window, Horns and Sing Street.  Next episode will be our 300th, we'd love to hear from you so drop us a line.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 298 - Rockers

This week, we hop a flight to Jamaica to hang out with Horsemouth Wallace and the rest of the Rockers. It is a great look at the Kingston music scene in the late 70s but is there more to it than that? Tune in to find out. We also discuss Suicide Squad, The Secret Life of Pets, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Jason Bourne, West Side Story and Gimme Shelter.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 297 - Top 10 Discoveries of the Year

It's our 6th annual Film Discoveries episode as we discuss our 10 favourite first time watches of the year. As could be expected, our lists include both class and trash. Tune in to see if you agree or disagree with us.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 296 - Taxi Driver

This week, we join Travis Bickle to clean up the filthy streets of New York City with a review of Taxi Driver. We also chat about Rogue One, Elf, The Christmas Tree, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Just Friends and Sing.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 295 - The Hunter

This week, we trek into the Tasmanian wilderness with Willem Dafoe in The Hunter. It is a beautifully shot film with some strong performances but is that enough for us? Tune in to find out. We also chat about Bone Tomahawk, 12 Dates of Christmas, Cinderella, Dr. No and Christmas Cupid.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 294 - Slow West

This week, we sit around the campfire with our old friend Michael Fassbender as we discuss the 2015 western Slow West. Is it as slow as the title would suggest? Tune in to find out. We also chat about Mean Streets, A Christmas Melody, Sausage Party and A December Bride.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 293 - The Mean Season

This week, we decided to check out Kurt Russell in his mid-80s glory in The Mean Season, a thriller set in Miami (how very 80s!). It seems like not many people talk about this film. Should it be considered a hidden gem or just a worthless relic? Tune in to find out. We also discuss The Mistletoe Promise, A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride and a couple of Eric Roberts films that Scott was thrilled to chat about over at the Eric Roberts is the F$#&ing Man podcast.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 292 - Throne of Blood

For this episode, Kat picked Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood which was a first time watch for both of us. Did it live up to its reputation? The Criterion Blu Ray sure did not hurt its cause? We also chat about The Hunt For the Wilderpeople and Scott's trip to the TIFF Lightbox to see John Carpenter's The Thing on the big screen.

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