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We are Scott & Kat - a happily married couple who love to sit on the couch and chat about the films we've watched. Join us on the Married With Clickers podcast as we cover material from a wide range of eras and genres.
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Will Ian McKellen's bravura performance help bring some levity to our winter of discontent? Tune in to find out as we take on some stylish Shakespeare this week. Don't worry, this isn't the Shakespeare you took in school as it features both Magneto and Iron Man. We also discuss the return of Parks & Recreation and the Bachelor Season (?). In terms of movies, Ip Man, Triangle and Solitary Man get some quick coverage.

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This week, we take a look at the frosty 1985 thriller Runaway Train. Did it run away with our hearts? Tune in to find out. We also take quick looks at the following recent watches: The Warriors, Notorious, On Dangerous Ground, Nighthawks, The Woman in the Window, Code of Silence, Inception and The Town. Man, it's been a busy 2011 thus far!

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This week, we try to fight off the cold chill of winter with the warm glow of nostaliga by taking a look at Pretty in Pink (1986). Our views on the film have changed throughout the year, but what do we think of it today? We also have a quick look at some recent DVD viewings: The A-Team, Best Worst Movie, the Kids Are Alright, Salt and The Other Guys. Yup, we`re now only 6 months behind the times!

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