Married With Clickers
We are Scott & Kat - a happily married couple who love to sit on the couch and chat about the films we've watched. Join us on the Married With Clickers podcast as we cover material from a wide range of eras and genres.
Married With Clickers: Episode 11 - X, the Man With the X-Ray Eyes

This week, we look deep into the eyes of Roger Corman's 1963 film, X, the Man With the X-Ray Eyes. but do we like what we see? This film stars Ray Milland as a scientist who wants to see what God sees, but doesn't quite understand why God doesn't have to wear bulky sunglasses. It's a pretty ambitious film, but what happens when ambition outpaces budget? Tune in to find out. Also, we got through a ton of movies this week: The Driver, Dune, The Hurt Locker, Across 110th Street, Heroin Busters, The Last King of Scotland and Blue Thunder. Can you find the common thread? We top it all off with some terrific feedback and pose the question: What 50s or 60s B-Movie should be remade today? Feedbackers are Smurfy, so email us at or leave us a voicemail at 206-338-0793.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 10 - The Watcher in the Woods

For our tenth episode, we revisit a childhood favourite while on vacation 'in the woods'. Does Disney's attempt to make a scary movie for the whole family actually work? Did the legendary production problems hurt the final product? Just how old is Bette Davis? Tune in to find out if this one still gives us the creeps or if you really cannot go home again. This week's Question of the Week is "What is a good 'First' horror movie for kids?" We also finally got around to watching The Social Network and Scott caught a screening of Machete Maidens Unleashed. Mr. T called and told us that he pities the fool who doesn't leave us feedback - so email us at or leave us a voicemail at 206-338-0793.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 9 - All That Jazz

This week we take a look at Bob Fosse's Felliniesque All That Jazz from 1979. It was nominated for a ton of Oscars and won a handful. Did it deserve them? Can Chief Brody even sing? Will we break in song or break out in hives? Tune in to find out. We introduce a Question of the Week segment, wherein we ask you to recommend musicals for people who do not love musicals. We also cover a handful of recent movies watches: A Wednesday, Wasabi and Date Night.

Our Doctor told us that we need more feeback, so send us an email at or leave us a voicemail at 206-338-0793.


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