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We are Scott & Kat - a happily married couple who love to sit on the couch and chat about the films we've watched. Join us on the Married With Clickers podcast as we cover material from a wide range of eras and genres.
Married With Clickers: Episode 169 - 2012

We did it! Another year, another ArMAYgeddon survived! We were keen to squeeze in one more episode this month, as we're making a donation to the Red Cross (25 cents for every ArMAYgeddon episode downloaded). This time around, we discuss 2009's 2012. That just sounds awkward. Is the movie any good? Tune in to find out. We also chat about a trip to the theatre to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well as a visit to the Lifetime Channel to see Petals on the Wind, the sequel to Flowers in the Attic. Join our Facebook group get in on the conversation!


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Married With Clickers: Episode 168 - When Time Ran Out

After a short delay due to a disaster-free vacation, ArMAYgeddon returns with the final chapter in the Irwin Allen disaster saga, When Time Ran Out from 1980. Paul Newman, William Holden, Ernest Borgnine and even Pat Morita all try to stay alive on this tropical death trap. It's not a very good movie, but is there enough there for a viewer to have fun? Tune in to find out. We also discuss 1933's King Kong and get some terrific feedback. Why not join our Facebook group?


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Married With Clickers: Episode 167 - Snakes on a Plane

Yup. Snakes on a Plane. Nuff Said.

ArMAYgeddon joins the Mile High Club to take on venomous serpents and internet hype. Does it live up to its reputation or does it live down to its reputation? Tune in to find out.


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Married With Clickers: Episode 166 - Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

For week 2 of this year's ArMAYgeddon, we head back into the world's most famous upside down ship in search of treasure, B-list stars and, with luck, a fun movie with 1979's Beyond the Poseidon Adventure. Did we get what we were looking for or was this all a soggy mess? Tune in to find out. We haven't really watched any other movies, but we do chat a bit about season 4 of Downton Abbey (no spoilers). 


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Married With Clickers: Episode 165 - Towering Inferno

Our 3rd annual ArMAYgeddon kicks off this week with one of the big one: 1974's Towering Inferno. There are a lot of stories in this film, as well as a lot of stories. In essence, its about Paul Newman and Steve McQueen trying to help a lot of useless people get out of a burning building. Do they succeed? Does the movie succeed? Tune in to find out. We also chat about Jurassic Park III and Apollo 18. Yup another week filled with art house favourites!


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