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We are Scott & Kat - a happily married couple who love to sit on the couch and chat about the films we've watched. Join us on the Married With Clickers podcast as we cover material from a wide range of eras and genres.
Married With Clickers: Episode 177 - View From the Top

We are back with another edition of this year's Cruel Summer. This week, we tackled 2003's View From the Top. You forgot that movie existed, didn't you? That's what Gwyneth wanted. Does it soars through the skies or does it never get off the ground? Tune in to find out. We also discuss Illustrious Corpses, Baby Geniuses, Live Like a Cop Die Like a Man and The Battered Bastards of Baseball. Yup, it's been an interesting summer.


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Married With Clickers: Episode 176 - Blessed

This week, we are 'blessed' with another terrific guest episode, hosted by Maurice and Joanne. They have selected the 2009 film Blessed, which was filmed in their hometown of Melbourne. It's a fascinating conversation about an intriguing sounding film and we are thrilled to share it with you. If Maurice's voice sounds familiar, you must be a listener of either the Love That Album Podcast or the See Hear Podcast, or both. If you are not not a listener already; you should fix that ASAP (details below). We would like to thank our dear friends for their support and the hard work they put into creating this episode.


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Married With Clickers: Episode 175 - Fair Game

We're back this week with another Cruel Summer installment. We stumbled upon a used copy of Fair Game (aka. Mamba), a movie about Sting's future wife trapped inside an apartment with a killer snake. Did we mention that Gregg Henry is the bad guy and it has a Moroder score? Could you blame us for wanting to watch it? We also chat about Earth to Echo, Revenge of the Creature, Stolen Face, Behind the Candelabra, X2: X-Men United and Berberian Sound Studio. Yes, another eclectic batch of films.

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Married With Clickers: Episode 174 - The Fisher King

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you this very special episode of (Almost) Married With Clickers. We will run into some scheduling issues over the course of the summer and are very thankful that some fine friends have stepped in to pinch hit. This episode is guest hosted by as fine a couple as there is to be found in the five boroughs; our pals Emily and Branan. They tackle The Fisher King, directed by Terry Gilliam. We cannot thank them enough for putting the time and effort into helping us out and we wish them all of the best with their upcoming nuptials. We hope that everyone enjoys the show. - for more of Emily's cinematic views


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Married With Clickers: Episode 173 - Out Cold

Cruel Summer returns with a review of 2001's Out Cold - a snowboarding comedy with a noticeable lack of snowboarding. Our brains were not functioning at all, so you'll have to bear with us as we struggle to string sentences together. We also chat about Beware Mr. Baker and Freaky Friday (the Lohan one). Join our group on Facebook.


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