Married With Clickers
We are Scott & Kat - a happily married couple who love to sit on the couch and chat about the films we've watched. Join us on the Married With Clickers podcast as we cover material from a wide range of eras and genres.

We close out this year's ArMAYgeddon with another animals attack film with Primal. This year's there's a deadly killer added to the mix. And a ship. And Nic Cage. There's a lot going on. We also chat about Where'd You Go, Bernadette?, Smuggling in Suburbia, Perfect Getaway and Family Pictures

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ArMAYgeddon continues as we consider buying some Florida real estate from Joan Collins in Empire of the Ants. This is a nutty film that has to be seen to be believed. We also chat about Deadly Match, What We Do In The Shadows, The Half of It and Extraction.

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More disasters awaits this week as we go down to the basement and check our Crawl. Is it a fun romp or just a chomp? We also discuss Isle of DogsSandra Brown’s White HotCertain WomenMommy Group MurderPrivate School and Bad Education.

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ArMAYgeddon returns for another year as we take a look at disaster movies? Pretty tacky given the current state of the world, right? Well, we won't be covering any pandemic-related films this month. We kick off with a look at the recent release Underwater. Is it fun or is it all wet? Tune in to find out. We also chat about Sleeping With My Student, The Aeronauts, The College Admissions Scandal, Hamlet 2The Hunt and The Snowman.

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